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Our Mission

We believe regularly participating in sports can lead to healthy life. Our mission is to assist our clients in learning different kinds of sports through our professionalism. We teach with updated knowledge, abundant experience, and systematic teaching manner. These important elements form our best quality services.

Our Rationale


We love……

We love our city. We want to contribute all our knowledge, abilities and experience to the community. We believe everyone has an opportunity to enjoy life. Therefore, our services are not only for the youth but also for the elderly, and people with physical and mental disabilities.

We care……
We care our society. We know the disparity in the city. Therefore, we will contribute 5% of the profit to set up a trust fund and provide sports programs with low cost to the elderly, people with disabilities, and the people with financial difficulties. We desire to show our care to those populations which also deserves to experience sports.

We are professional……
We provide a wide range of sport services with high quality to our customers. To secure the quality of the programs, our instructors and assistants must have related qualifications and are well experienced. We know and have experience on how to educate people with special needs, including the elderly, people with mental and physical disability. Furthermore, our programs could be provided in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

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