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Our Mission

OCEANIC SPORTS believes in experiential education. 

Experiential education - a process of learning through experience outside the classroom. 

Oceanic organises a wide range of adventures programs, through outdoor education we empower our participants to build self-confidence, become independence, learning and growing from failure. 


Our Rationale

Explore the outdoors

The wonder of nature offers many ways to develop participant’s cognitive, physical and emotional growth. Nature have a positive impact on kid’s health and fitness. Connect participants to the nature fosters their development and laying the foundation for a life-long connection to the natural world. Participants also learn to appreciate and respect the harmony and beauty in nature. 


Challenge your limit

Under a safe and controlled environment, we provide a platform to encourage participants to step out their confront zone. By supporting them, we lead and guide participants to reach their full potential, build up confidence and self-esteem. 


Make a difference

Our activities are more than gaining knowledge, but to equip participants with important life skills to face real life challenge. They learn team work and problem-solving skills in our activities. We hope participants will make a difference in their daily life after returning from Oceanic’s activities. 

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