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Fireflies Night adventure Program

Do you know why and how fireflies glow?

Oceanic is organising a Fireflies Night Adventure Program in April. Let's explore the wonders of insects in the dark Search for Fireflies & Learn why they grow!

Enjoy a twinkling night in a farm

Participants will first enjoy a delicious farm meal. After a short lecture on fireflies & different insects, we will start our journey to find firefly in the farm! 

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Fireflies love warm and green environments. Beebee farm is one of the least polluted area in Hong Kong where you can search for fireflies!

Private Tour also available! Contact us for more details!

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1600: welcome, information section and warm up family games 
1630-1800: family activity 
1800-1900: Dinner
1900-1930: Lets know about why firefly grow
1930-2100 night time adventure! Find as many creatures as you can

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13(Full) / 19/ 20/ 27 April 2019


4pm Gather @ BeeBee Farm

9pm Dismiss @ BeeBee Farm

Shuttle bus to and from BeeBee Farm ($50 extra per family)

3:15pm Gather at Kam Sheung Road

9:30pm Dismiss at at Kam Sheung Road

Free Parking (For private cars only) can be provided.


Bus 64K: Yuen Long - TaiPo Market (Get off at Yuen Kong Tsuen )

Bus 251A: Kam Sheung Road - Sheung Tsuen (Get off at Yuen Kong Tsuen)

Green Mini Bus 72: Yuen Long Tai Hang St - Lui Kung Tin (Get off at Tsing Tam) 

Red Mini Bus 23: Yuen Long Yu King Square - Sheung Tsuen (Get off at Tsing Tam) 

1. Family Package:

$ 680 per family (1 adult & 1 kid)

(Additional member: $ 280) 

2. Fees for adult:

$380, 2 or above 10% off

3. Private Group

With a group of 12 family's, we are happy to arrange a private adventure for you! Please contact us for details


Location: BeeBee Farm @ Kam Sheung Road

Age: Above 3

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PLAYWORKS & Beebee Farm are cooperating us to provide more variety of education program.

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