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Mangrove kayaking family tour

Are you looking for some adventures with your kids in Easter holiday?

Oceanic Sports will organise a Mangrove Kayaking Family Tour! It’s a great way to have learning paddling skills whilst explore the beauty of nature in Hong Kong. 

Kayaking is a sport for everyone

Kids or parents don’t need to be experienced in kayaking. Basic padding skills and safety briefing is included in the morning session. A variety of fun activities will make learning exciting.

  • Entry requirement :
    Swimming for at least 15 metres
    with floating jackets.

  • All of our instructors are fully qualified and equipped with first-aid qualification.

  • Insurance is also included to ensure the safety. 


Learn in the nature 
In the afternoon, we will go for an adventure in Lung Mei Beach by kayak. Along the way we will discover more about the rich biodiversity and aquatic life in the Mangrove.

Lung Mei Beach

  • Located in Tai Po

  • With the record of more than 200 species have been found in the shore.

  • Among them are many endangered and rare species

  • For examples, the mud shrimp and seahorses


Gather Time: 

0815 (Tai Po MTR Station Exit B)

Dismiss Time:

1730 (Tai Po MTR Station Exit B)

Age: Above 8 and with at least an adult

Cost: $1380 (1 kids & 1 adult)

Family Day
A kayaking family tour helps to develop a good bond between you and your children. It will definitely create treasurable memories. Time to put down those electronic devices and enjoy a family day with kids!

Sea Star Test
Sea Star Test will be provided for kids at the end of the trip. The kayaking skills that we learnt in the morning also fits the basic requirement of Sea Star.

Sea Star

  • The beginner level for kayaking

  • It allows kids to proceed to more course on kayak for more advanced skills

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