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easter kayaking star courses


Do you want to create a unique and meaningful experience for your kids in holiday? Oceanic Sports will organise two kayak star courses in this Easter Holiday. 

Get your children outside this Easter for a day of fun with kayaking!

Kayaking is a sport for everyone

Kayaking is a fascinating way for your kids to explore the outdoors. Our star programs are designed to get kids excited about paddling, build skills and knowledge to this water sports. 

  • Entry requirement :
    Swimming for at least 15 metres with floating jackets

Gather Time: 

0815 (Tai Po MTR Station Exit B)

Dismiss Time:

1730 (Tai Po MTR Station Exit B)

Age: Above 12

Entry requirement:

Swimming for at least 15 metres with floating jackets

Cost: $850

For inquiries, contact us at 3689-5616 / 9099 2139

or at


1 Star Program 
This is a beginner course to introduce your kids to the sport of kayaking. The course is designed with various fun activities to encourage kids to enjoy this water sports. Kids start from sheltered water and learn more about basic padding strikes. 

2 Star Program 
Upon the successful completion of 1 star course, you can join the 2 star kayak course for more kayaking skill. After learning the basic skills of paddling, kids will proceed to acquire more kayaking skills. 


Safety first! 
Kids will begin in sheltered water. We will also equip them with the knowledge of lifejacket.

All of our instructors are fully qualified and equipped with first-aid qualification. Insurance is also included to ensure the safety. 

Long term kayaking 
We are planning to provide long-term training for potential kayak athletes



Private kayaking courses/ tours are available.

Feel free to contract us. 

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