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2021 泳班  Swimming Class 2022

泳班 Group Class


今年的暑期泳班將主要在三個地點授課 ,詳情或報名請點擊 "泳班時間表" 和 "課程內容介"


Swimming group class is available in three locations in this summer. For details and application, please click  Swimming Group Class Scheduleand "Swimming Class Syllabus"

小組或私人泳班 Semi-private or Private Class


小組或私人泳班不限上課的地點和時間,我們會盡可能就學員理想的上課地點和時間提供教練前往教授。如需報名,請填妥"課程報名表"並電郵至 或致電 3689-5616 查詢。


 We always try our best to arrange coaches for teaching semi-private or private classes in any place at anytime which are most suitable to our students. For application, please fill in Course Application Form and send it back to, or call 3689-5616 for any inquires.

Enrollment procedure

1.) 在暑期泳班時間表中,選擇參加者適合和欲報讀之課程。

Choose suitable and preferred class in Group Class Schedule.


2.) 致電 3689-5616 查詢欲報讀課程之空缺。

Call 3689-5616 for checking vacancy of class that you want to enroll.


3.) 如欲報讀之課程嘗有空缺,請填妥課程報名表

If there is still vacancy for the class, please fill in the Course Application Form.


4.) 請以支票或銀行過數,繳付課程之費用。

  • 支票付款:以支票抬頭寫"Oceanic Sports Hong Kong Limited",連同已填妥之課程報名表郵寄至"Flat G, 12/F. BLK 1, June Gardan, 28 Tung Chau St., Tai Kok Tsui, KLN"。

  • 銀行過數:銀行戶口存款或轉賬至 HSBC : 652 230913 838 "Oceanic Sports Hong Kong Limited",成功過賬後,請把收據副本連同已填妥之課程報名電郵至

Please settle the Course fee by issuing cheque or bank transfer.

  • Cheque Payment: Please make cheque payable to "Oceanic Sports Hong Kong Limited" and send it by post with filled Course Application Form to "Flat G, 12/F. BLK 1, June Gardan, 28 Tung Chau St., Tai Kok Tsui, KLN".

  • Bank Transfer: Bank Transfer to HSBC : 652 230913 838 "Oceanic Sports Hong Kong Limited", and send receipt or payment record with Course Application Form by email to

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